9 Reasons Why We Love Reverse Image Search Tools

2 May 2023

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If you have a curious mind as I have, then you must have tried to find out all about the things that you find interesting. And in the age of the internet, it's so much easier to gather knowledge about almost everything. But sometimes, as searchers, we fail to make the search engines understand what exactly we are searching for. To remedy that tiny, little problem we need a reverse image search tool at our disposal, so we can easily tell or rather, show the search engine what we are looking for.


What is a Reverse Image Search tool?

A reverse image search tool or duplicate photo finder is a type of search tool where you use an image as input instead of text or voice to get results.


What are some of the best Reverse Image Search engines?

There are some awesome reverse photo search engines online including Google, Yandex image search, TinEye, etc. SEOWagon's reverse image search tool is also exceptional and easy to use.


Here, we have 9 reasons why we love and enjoy reverse image search tools. Let's have a look:

  1. You get to learn new things: Suppose you found yourself fascinated by a rare kind of beautiful butterfly, but you can't seem to know its name. Don't worry, just snap a picture of the little creature with your phone, camera, or whatever, and upload it on one of the reverse photo search tools that you can find online. There you will find tons of information about your uploaded image on Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. including its popular name, scientific name, family, kingdom, class, and so much more. Before you only had a photo of a butterfly, and now you know pretty much everything about it.


  1. Find the image with higher resolution: Among other amazing aspects of the reverse photo search tool, this is the one fact that I love the most  finding the best version of an image. Especially, when a picture needs to go on a bigger screen, who wants a blurry image? I don't. In case you face the same problem, then you can also find the better, higher quality of the image by performing a reverse image search. And then you can use the photo for your presentation, computer wallpaper, lock screen, or simply stare at it just because it looks so much prettier now.


  1. The image source: If you want to use an image in your post or blog but you don't own it, then it's very important to give the due credit to the real owner of the photo. Unless you are willing to get caught for a humiliating and degrading action such as plagiarism. But, how do you find the owner? Easy. By the reverse image search By searching by the image you will find the owner and may get the permission to use his/her photo for your own use. This way, you can wisely avoid plagiarism, too.


  1. Discover the famous ones: Let's admit it, we spend a good chunk of our internet-time browsing through the lives of high-profile celebrities. If you find a picture of some celebrity that you don't recognize and want to get nosy, then saddle up, you are going to find everything about them just by uploading his/her image on an image search engine, and you will find every good, bad, scandalous news about them. And, more photos, of course. So, instead of getting confused with who's who, you can take advantage of reverse photo search tools and actually know the real names of the famous people.


  1. The product search: There are many times we feel cheated after buying something, because either they seem too expensive or don't work as well as the seller told them they would. Well, no more cheating. Get smart and search by the product image on the reverse image search engine to see details about it including the price, performance, chance of counterfeit, and reviews. When you see the reviews of the product by other users, you will be able to tell how good it actually performs. And you can also get a smart deal by knowing the real price. Now you will never feel cheated again while buying anything with the help of reverse image search.


  1. Food research: It is sensible to know what you eat. Sometimes, a lack of knowledge can become fatal to one's health. Especially, if someone is allergic to some chemicals, it's crucial to know what ingredients go in their food. An easy way to do that is the reverse photo search Searching by the photo will display the possible ingredients that might be in the food. As the popular saying goes, “it's always better to be safe than sorry." Also, as a bonus, you might like something that you want to cook and you can get the recipe by doing a reverse image search. Bon appetite!


  1. Find similar photos: It can be quite frustrating when you have the right image, but not in the right size. Or, maybe you want it in a different angle. The search engines have tons of images in different sizes and angles in their storage. To locate similar images of various sizes, or captured from different angles you can use the duplicate photo finder There you will find an array of similar images at different sizes, and you can take the one that suits your purpose.


  1. Save your work from being plagiarized: As a writer, I can tell you that it's not a good feeling knowing someone has borrowed your piece of writing and passed it off as their own. But unfortunately, it happens regularly. If you are an artist and have published a work somewhere, you can check it out regularly with reverse image search tools to see where your work appears and who use it without you your permission. It's a pretty good way to keep an eye for the plagiarism.


  1. Track down fake accounts: On social media platforms, there is no scarce of fake accounts posing as famous people. And it's intelligent to know who you are dealing with on the internet. It's not rare when people get fooled on social media with seemingly authentic accounts. To know if you are interacting with a real person or not, you can use test it out by doing a reverse photo search on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex reverse image search and find out the truth.


There are numerous other benefits of reverse image search method, you just have to find a reason to use this tool and let the fun begin.



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