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Say goodbye to awkward grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and misplaced, forgotten punctuations. SEOWagon’s Grammar Checker Tool will help you correct all types of grammar errors and make your writing easy to read and flawless. This expert tool -

Importance of grammar in professional writing

Some will say that grammar doesn’t matter anymore since nowadays, we are using slang and shortened forms of words. 

But in the professional world, there is no alternative to grammar. 

Correct grammar is a necessary skill. It will assist you to create more engaging job applications, presentations, proposals, articles, and books. Moreover, it also shows your readers that you care about your writing and the English language. 

You can use slang, and grammar-ridden texts when texting with friends. But when you need to present yourself as an intelligent, sophisticated, and professional human being, make sure your grammar is flawless.

Good grammar makes your communication effective and fluent. 

Bad grammar, on the other hand, makes your text hard to understand. As a result, your audience will find it difficult to connect with you.

What’s the best way to correct your grammar?

While we have established the fact that there are no alternatives for grammar when it comes to flawless writing, we still need the answer to how to correct grammatical mistakes. 
You can correct your grammar –

i) Manually, or
ii) By using an online grammar checker tool

Manual grammar check 
You can check your grammar by yourself or by someone else. But it has some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of manual grammar check
- Checking long texts can be extremely time-consuming and boring.
- You might miss many grammatical errors when checking long texts.
- You might not be able to fix all grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors due to many reasons including English not being your native language or not being an expert at English, etc.

Online grammar checker tool
An online grammar checker can help you get rid of the issues that come with manual grammar checking. 
You can fix your grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and spelling errors easily and quickly with the tool. 
It can detect all types of grammatical mistakes and highlight them for you to find them easily.
It can suggest fixes, so you can not only detect the mistakes but also fix them with a quick click.

How to use our English Grammar Checker

Using SEOWagon’s free grammar checker is very easy. Just follow these simple steps –

  1. Copy/paste some text or write something new in the box.
  2. The tool will highlight all the grammatical errors, along with punctuation errors, and spelling mistakes.
  3. By clicking on a highlighted text, you can see the suggestions from where you can easily choose the correct replacement. 
  4. Once the grammatical issues are fixed, you can either copy the text by clicking the “Copy text” button or save it on your computer by hitting the “Save text” button.


Why use our online grammar checker tool

Writing is quick and simple using SEOWagon’s grammar checking. You'll never need to rely on others for assistance with English grammatical rules. Use our free Grammar Checker to fix your texts.

  • It’s completely free. You don’t have to go through any signup or registration. Just come to the page, and start fixing your grammar.
  • It’s easy to use. You will get flawless text only with a couple of simple clicks.
  • Along with grammatical errors, this tool also fixes punctuation and spelling errors.
  • It’s fast as a fox. No matter how long your text is, our English grammar checker tool will give you corrected text within a very short time.
  • Word limit is an important part of content. You can see the word count here as soon as you enter your text. 
  • It enhances your overall writing and makes you a professional in the world of writing.

Don't let grammar errors get in your way. Use SEOWagon’s English grammar checker and impress everyone with flawless writing.

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