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About Word Counter

The Word Counter counts words and characters accurately.
Writing is not an easy task. Even the best writers struggle with writing for one reason or another. When you have to work with certain limitations, like an exact number of words, it becomes even more difficult. You have to write something original, interesting, and flawless, and also keep an eye on the number of words and characters. Sounds like a tough job, doesn’t it?
Let’s not make it tough anymore. Enter the word counter tool, and counting words becomes easier than a cup of tea. 

Word Counter Tool

Word Counter is a free online software that counts the number of words and characters in your text. It performs this in real-time to help you count words and maintain the appropriate word limit. 
Word Counter tool accurately counts the number of words in your document. Not only this, the tool goes one step further and also counts the number of characters. This is why it’s also known as the Free Character Counter.

Difference between word and character count
In word counting, only words are counted. But in character counting, every alphabet, punctuation, special symbol, and white space is counted as a single character. 
Usually, character limits are used in short texts such as text messages, social media posts, etc. while word limit is used in larger pieces of writing such as articles and essays.

Who can use our tool?
Everyone can use our word counter tool. Students, teachers, digital marketers, SEO experts, etc. can use the tool to find out the accurate word count in their texts. 

Students can make the best use of this word counter tool. These days, we have a solution for almost everything, including counting words in a document. Nowadays, most assignments are written on computers. Students generally have to work within word count limitations. They can use this tool to count their words in seconds, and hence ensure that their assignment is up to the mark. 

SEO Experts
While creating content for SEO purposes, SEO experts can easily control the word and character length of their blog posts, articles, social media posts, etc. with the help of a word counter tool. 

And others
People who commonly post things on blogs and websites can also make use of this word counter and free character counter tool. Articles need to be of a specific number of words, and what better way to count these words than with this tool?

Teachers, journalists, content writers, etc. can use this tool to confirm the number of words and successfully maintain a certain word limit.

How to use Word Counter?

There are two ways to use the Word Counter -
Method 1: If you are creating content from scratch, just click on the provided space and just start typing. Once you are done, click on “count words” to get your result.
The tool will display the result including the exact number of words as well as characters. 

Method 2: Another method is the copy/paste method. Copy text from your computer or cloud storage and paste the text into Word Counter’s text box Then click on “count words”. Within a few seconds, the tool will show the accurate total number of words and characters.

Why you should use the Word Counter Tool
There are several benefits to using this word counter tool. 

  • It is completely free. 
  • Another huge benefit is that the whole process of counting words and characters takes only a few seconds
  • Our Word Counter Tool provides 100% accurate results.

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